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Happy Mother's Day!

Sorry guys for the late post for Mother’s Day.
These last two years of Mother’s Day has been harder for me than usual compared to prior years. I lost the second mother in my life last year, my Aunt Lee as some of you already am aware of. She had an influence in my life and I am unable to repay her for all she did this lifetime other than living out a good life, as she would have wanted for me. My own mother and I are never on good terms so my aunt was the peacemaker between us and for my mother and things that she would not let go of.I am grateful to have two mothers. One who shaped me, taught me, gave me the necessary qualities of being a good person and one who was there to give me what I needed on a daily basis.
Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there!
No matter if you love your mother, hate her, never met her, or have lost her due to natural causes. I want you all to remember that that woman you call a mother gave you life. You wouldn’t be walking on earth if it weren’t for he…

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