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Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the Goat

Check this link if you aren't too familiar with what exactly goes on for Asian families on this amazing holiday:  Chinese New Year Traditions and Background Info  ! 

It's that time of year again for asians all around the world. It's Chinese New Year!!! This year is the year of the sheep as you can see! I loved Chinese New Year very much because my culture is something I am very proud of and respect. There are other reasons I love this celebration and that is because it's a chance to get together with family, enjoy good food and really celebrate our traditions and morals. 
Younger generations would probably say that they love this holiday because of the time they get off from work and all the lucky money they get from those that are married. I will never forget the excitement in opening those red envelopes and seeing how much money you got. It's similar to christmas for many. 
So I hope everyone who is celebrating the Chinese New Year to enjoy it to the fullest thi…

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