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Final Thoughts on 2014

Tonight is the final night of 2014! HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE, EVERYONE! I hope you all are having tons of fun with friends and family and enjoying the last night of 2014 to its fullest. Another book in our life is counting down to its last hours and a new book starts tomorrow. 
I only have a few last words for tonight so this is going to be a short post. 
I want to thank you for fate or chance whichever it is for allowing me to meet several good friends this year. They are some amazing people-- this shoutout goes out to them even though they may not know or hear it: 
Bryan, Joe, Dora, Idrissa, and Eric! You guys are awesome and I love you each so much!!! You guys are awesome friends and I hope we all have another great year next year! :)) 
Friends are precious. I am so grateful for meeting them and I hope that shared bond will last no matter what happens in the future. That applies to old friends as well! Memories and experiences cannot be erased even if paths split between us. ^^ Al…

Another Year Is Coming To An End~Memories and Resolutions

Another year is coming to an end already. Where has the time gone and what have I accomplished this year? Lost time won't return and people that have gone probably won't return. I sound depressing don’t I? But this is the truth that we must all face. We go through a lot in our lifetimes and many things we tend to have no control over for instance we didn’t ask to be sick, didn’t want to lose a loved one, didn’t want that relationship to end the way it did, didn’t want certain things to be over.
However, a new year does restart that cycle of meeting new people, starting new beginnings, starting new relationships, making new memories, making amends and atoning for wrongs we’ve done. I want everyone to remember to please not repeat the same mistakes you guys made this year in the New Year. Learn from your mistakes, make wise choices, and follow the natural flow of qi (energy force) in life. Don’t force things if you see that certain things or people won’t work out with you.
I alw…

Merry Christmas To All

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone has a day filled with joy, laughter, good memories, and great company with family and friends alike! Another year is coming to an end. It seems so fast in the speed of blinding light, doesn't it? Nothing seems real and everything that happened this year seemed like a dream within a dream. What makes it still seem real is the people we've met, encountered, bonded with, and the memories that were made. 
I feel that we may want a lot of things every Christmas and when we do receive what we asked for it makes us so happy and we hold it as the most precious and valuable thing for an amount of time. However, I feel for me the best Christmas gift I receive every year is that friendships still remain, new friends have been made, memories have been knit, strings of fate have been sealed, and memories regardless good or bad will be apart of us for a life time. Things like clothes, jewelry, toys, etc can worn out and be tossed aside and forgotte…

Fate Is a Mysterious Thing

Fate sometimes is a very mysterious thing. Yesterday, I experienced quite a new and bewildering experience with a spiritualist. I’ve heard my share of how accurate spiritualists are to being able to foretell one’s fate and one’s journey in life from my mother and others. However, I’ve always been skeptical to the idea because there was always a shred of doubt I couldn’t let go of. Because I feel many of them are scammers or inaccurate. But this spiritualist stunned me and I am so dazed. My mother decided to take me to a spiritualist on my birthday yesterday.
I won’t go into massive detail but it was life changing to me. They were able to tell me things that even my own mother doesn’t even know about. He knew things I’ve told no one but a few and kept from my mom. I was appalled at that moment. My mind kept thinking: ‘how is this even possible? How does this man know?’ He did not ask anything nor touch me; it was so natural after he went into his meditation state.I felt like I was st…

Mindset Can Change Anything

Hello! My name is Rekari and I'm a friend of Jae! She's given me the honor of writing on her blog. I haven't done much guest posting in my time as a writer, so I'm very happy to have the chance. I mostly write about anime and Japan, but today I wanted to discuss something a little different. Basically my views on mindset.

Contrary to popular belief, mindset can change pretty much anything. People may say it doesn't matter how you feel inside, but instead it's what you actually do. I completely disagree with this statement. I think that what you do is important yes, but if you aren't feeling or thinking well inside of your body, your actions outside will reflect this.

We can even relate this to the time a person has affections or feelings for another. They may try to act confident and be calm on the outside, but usually the inside is the opposite case. They're probably nervous, scared, and many other things. This reflects on their bodily behaviors and a…

December Is A Very Special Time of Year

I love the month of December. I was born in the month of December and there was always something about the bitter cold, the bitter silence during the gentle snowfall that always made me feel warm and in fall in love with. Many would say that those born in the winter months are unfeeling and unsympathetic towards others. However, I don’t think that is the case but in reverse, we are the most positive and warm people you’ll come across in my experience. It’s just that magical in my view.
I came across this photo for December and just wanted to share it. It’s a month of light and snow and feasts! A time where friends and family come together and enjoy the company and holiday season! Lights that will bring light on dark paths and light up anyone’s gloomy moments. I always loved the colorful holiday lights people hang up once Thanksgiving is over. It’s so symbolic and happy to see all those outlines of reindeers on lawns and beautiful Christmas trees in the windows.
I just love snow becaus…

My Thankfulness For This Year

I must apologize at how late my Thanksgiving post is this time. I ran out of data on my internet at home and didn't feel like typing it up on my phone. This is better late than never because we should be thankful each and every day of our lives, right? 
I am most thankful this year for several people being in my life even if they are not thankful or grateful for me being in their lives. It doesn't matter to me even if its only one-sided. I am first most thankful and grateful for having such an amazing lady as my Aunt Ho Heung Lee. She is one amazing woman who raised me in my mother's place since I was very young. She taught me the morals she learned throughout her life. She was a very selfless woman and I can confidently say that if there was no her then there is no Ann today. Who knows how I would have turned out or where I would end up? I am forever in her debt and I have no idea how to thank her now that she is no longer with us. 
I am most thankful for E.V.  I once pr…

Writers All Tread a Thin Line

Lately, I have drowned myself in working on my writing projects selflessly. I have been sitting in front of my laptop whenever I have time and been lost in the worlds I created. Even if it feels so warm and not lonely and alive, I have been noticing some disturbing feelings and changes in me when I sit down and write for several hours a day. It’s not a bad thing, but I feel as if I can’t pull out as easily as I thought from the world I’ve spent hours in.
They say many writers are fighting depression or losing their minds because of something that happened in their lives. And there are many authors in history that are clear proof of that. Virginia Woolf who is one of my favorite female authors is one very good example of that.
I wouldn’t say that I am someone suffering from depression or losing my mind. Maybe I am but not that I am aware of. I just feel that lately whatever I am working on greatly affects me for hours on end. I feel like it’s almost impossible for me to pull back fu…

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