Fate Is a Mysterious Thing

Fate sometimes is a very mysterious thing. Yesterday, I experienced quite a new and bewildering experience with a spiritualist. I’ve heard my share of how accurate spiritualists are to being able to foretell one’s fate and one’s journey in life from my mother and others. However, I’ve always been skeptical to the idea because there was always a shred of doubt I couldn’t let go of. Because I feel many of them are scammers or inaccurate. But this spiritualist stunned me and I am so dazed. My mother decided to take me to a spiritualist on my birthday yesterday.

I won’t go into massive detail but it was life changing to me. They were able to tell me things that even my own mother doesn’t even know about. He knew things I’ve told no one but a few and kept from my mom. I was appalled at that moment. My mind kept thinking: ‘how is this even possible? How does this man know?’ He did not ask anything nor touch me; it was so natural after he went into his meditation state.  I felt like I was standing in front of him like an open book across the counter. It was uncomfortable but I endured it. He spoke of my weak health since a child and that shocked me even more and he even mentioned which organs precisely. I was just in a daze after that. Thinking how is it this even possible?

He told me that I would meet a guy who will treat and treasure me very well in the future but not right now. It’s not the right time and if I attempted to start a relationship now it would fail. He also mentioned I would be financially well off and well known in the future. All of this continued to shock me even more and I still find that last part about the guy and money and everything hard to believe.

I feel that it’s the fact that I believe I don’t deserve any of that. I don’t deserve it. It’s not possible…it should be given and deserved by someone worthy. I just can’t get past my own denial.

The main point of this blog post today is that sometimes our fate is already written out for us whether we choose to accept it or not. It can of course be changed, altered or we can choose to be oblivious to it. However, I feel everyone’s fate is different and it can be changed with how we were raised. If what this spiritualist said is true, I will work hard to accept it and keep it in mind. But I feel the surprise is gone now…and all that is left is anticipation. Not that that is a bad thing. I can be on guard and be ready.

I also learned how strong a person’s mindset maybe and how foolish our stubbornness can be sometimes. I stubbornly believed the right guy had appeared in my life…and hearing it from the spiritualist that he has not appeared made me very upset. If I hadn’t heard that from him, I would have gone on strongly and stubbornly believing the right guy had appeared and was in the midst of my circle of friends. I still kind of do feel that he is but I don’t know anymore.  I will know when he comes I guess.

My aunt once said every life was different. Many people first must suffer a lot of bitterness at the start of their lives before sweetness comes years later and that is called bittersweet. There are some people who taste sweetness and happiness at the beginning of their lives but is swallowed by bitterness afterwards. She says that is the flow and nature’s order of fate and why and how it differs. She said that she didn’t even understand how it gets decided for each person. Fate is mysterious indeed.

I will have many restless nights now knowing what I know.  However, this insight from the spiritualist has allowed me to perfect myself and be an even better person if possible. I will keep being myself and see this journey of fate to the end. If it surely does turn out in the way he says it will, I will repay him with whatever I can and however I can. :)


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