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Ideal Life

What is your most ideal life? What kind of life had you always dreamt of having since you were a child? Has it ever changed due to your growth and progression of time?
I can bravely say that as children regardless of sex, we all wished to live in a big house with pets and filled with people that love us and be a doctor or lawyer and earn lots of money. I do feel that is the most common childhood dream we have and are influenced by family, media, and teachers to do. Not only that, but children want to do something big and explosive with their lives, they fantasize about being a hero like figure such as a doctor, a police officer, or lawyer, etc. Because becoming any of these occupations is what society teaches us to reach for, it’s not wrong but it adds a lot of unnecessary stress and pressure to children. It’s not wrong to dream about becoming these figures but not everyone can make it or they change their path too many times until they find what they really want.
How many times ha…

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