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Sorry everyone for the disappearance and lack of blog posts. I cannot find a good way to explain what has happened to me during these past few months. A few sentences could describe what I've been through and that would be...Life is unpredictable, in these few short months of time. I lost a dearly relative that I loved deeply and everything was turned upside down for me. I lost my job...went unemployment for months, got lost, pawed around to find my way again, now I have a job again but lost the last relative I relative I truly respected. There were gains and losses I guess it all depends on how I choose to see them. 
Today while I was sitting on the bus on my way home from work. I sat in a seat where my feet were off the ground by a feet or two. Yes, I am not the tallest person in the world but certainly not the shortest either! Though I feel horribly short at work....anyways. While my feet were dangling in the air, I felt that humans have never really thought more deeply about …

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