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Humidity Is Driving Me Insane

Apologies to my beloved blog first of all! Summer classes have started and I been feeling a bit overloaded lately so I neglected you! I apologize! I wanted to vent out today because the weather temperature just spiked up like ten degrees again after we were given two days of cool mid 60's. I get very lazy and irritated in the summer once the temperature gets humid and sticky and blahhh. 
We are supposed to get into the 90's over the weekend and I am totally crying out for help. I am a December born baby and I am not anti-summer that much. As long as it doesn't get past the 80 degrees mark, I can handle it pretty well. Once it does and given we don't have an a/c in the house, it will be a live oven in here. Taking showers every hour, being glued to the tower fan, sucking on ice cubes. 
How can anyone love summer so much? It's just an annoying and irritating season of the year once it stretches out to its full temperatures. I want to live somewhere where it's mi…

Father's Day ~

It's the day of the year again. Father's day. I never had a happy Father's day ever since my dad left me when I was two years old. Whenever this day would come around after I knew common sense, this would be a day where I spent in the cemetery for a few hours, reflecting, thinking, speaking to my father from my heart. While other families were celebrating with their fathers in restaurants and spending precious time at home, our home would always be mellow and still. 
Today, my mother and I went to the cemetery at 8 am and met my aunt Lee and her two sons there. It has been years since I saw both of my older cousins and it shocked me to see them changed so much. White hair as white as snow when my older cousin was only 55. We actually hugged when was new for me and it felt really comforting. I don't know when I will see them again with our busy schedules. 
I updated my dad on all that has been going on with me in life and sat for a long time in front of his grave. Ceme…

Coffee Talk: Becoming a Morning Person

Coffee Talk: Becoming a Morning Person

"We want to know, how have you become better at tackling the mornings? Do you have a certain routine that gets you going? Is it exercising in the morning? Your breakfast? If you are morning person, what advice can you give to those of us who aren’t?"
Hum, I have always been a morning person since i was around nine years old. I don't know, it just happened all so naturally in my opinion. I never had a naughty side or rebellious attitude. When my mom told me to get up, I got up and went to the living room at 4 am each morning as she locked up the doors to the kitchen and the other bedrooms. Breakfast was always noodles or oatmeal in a thermos mug. She would bid me goodbye and be out the door at 5 am. I am so adapted to it right now that even as an adult, I can never sleep past 5 am unless i am dead tired from the night before. I am fully awake, though a bit slow and completely ready to do productive things. I read and write at 5 in the …

Once A Mistake Is Made

Talking with family always really gets you to think about where you are at in life. Every family has their drama, their bitter moments, sweet moments, difficulties, and messes that are so tangled up that you can't undo the knots. My seventy-eight year old aunt and I sat down today and had a nice long talk about life and where I have to go from here. I love my aunt, she is so gentle, and direct with what she has to say. There is no hiding or anything from her.

I learned some really terrible things about some family members today. All of this may have started when the elder generation made a decision that would be considered to be rejected by society and against the laws of nature. After, that family member committed that act, the generations that follow all suffered from their mistake. They must pay the price of those before them. Do you believe in that? I didn't until I heard what my aunt told me today.

Orwell's 1984 Has Become Reality!

Many of you guys who watch the news may have already heard of NSA watching our every move, our tweets, phone records, you name it (well maybe not everything). But how long will that be? I read Orwell's 1984 back when I was a senior in high school. It was the main book that we focused on for a good part of the school year. When I read it back then, it didn't make much sense until we saw the movie after finishing the book. The text was just too dull. 
However, after all these years and after hearing this on the news. It frightens me how accurate what Orwell wrote in 1984 has slowly started to come true. The government spying on our own private lives what we do each day. How long will it be before our televisions become cameras and there will be televisions all over the city. We'll be dressed in bland and vague uniforms at work. No sense of self or individualism. Maybe that is going to far but it's only a matter of time in my opinion. -shifty eyes-

Coffee Talk: Closure

Coffee Talk: Closure

In my opinion, there is never closure. The wounds will only be there but as long as you don't go sprinkling salt on it or prodding it, it'll fade into the darkness but it'll still be there. I feel that it's best to leave things unsaid, leave issues unresolved between two people, allow that sense of wonderment to remain. Maybe five, ten years from now, I would think about still in curiosity at where the problem was or what their answer would have been. Because, I tried to talk it out with a past ... I don't know if boyfriend is the right word, but he completely ignored answering the question and kept talking on his own. Some guys are just pricks.

Leave things as they are. Don't go prodding around for answers that will only lead to more headaches and problems you never thought existed. It is okay to go and see them one more time from afar and by afar, I mean really like two streets away or across the street, hidden in a crowd. haha.


Defense Mechanism Thoughts

Defense mechanisms came from Freudian studies. I started wondering about this after I started working on my current story that I am working on. I haven't thought about this before, it was just that I didn't want to explore it in depth just yet then. Recently, I also watched an episode of one of my favorite television shows, Criminal Minds, that had an episode talking about defense mechanisms as well.

What do you remember from the time you were born to around four years old? I can't remember anything. It's all just a huge blank spot in my brain given that I lost one of my parents at the age of two and recall none of it. I can't even up even a hint of memory of those years, it was like I was nonexistent or repressing the memories.

"Repression is the unconscious blocking of unacceptable thoughts, feelings and impulses. The key to repression is that people do it unconsciously, so they often have very little control over it. “Repressed memories” are memories that h…

Wedding Dinner Afterthoughts

I went to attend a wedding dinner yesterday for one of my mother's old friends at Old Chinatown. It was at 2100 S. Archer and the restaurant was so elegant and classy. I doubt I could afford to dine there on a regular day. The food was delicious and I haven't ate so much for a long time. That may have sound weird but welcome to the middle class lifestyle. I had a ton of fun with my cousin and took pictures. Some people kept commenting on me being pretty, I doubt that I am and I am not. >_> It was flattering though. The wedding gifts were very cute and I love the boxes color so much. 
They had a lot of little games and fun moments. I refused to go up and try to catch the bride's bouquet though! I didn't want to get married just yet. The newly wedded couple looked so beautiful and a perfect match! <3 Much wishes to them for a hundred years of happiness! 
Okay, how do I feel after the wedding dinner? My mom told me that I got five years until I hit the big thirt…

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