Coffee Talk: Closure

In my opinion, there is never closure. The wounds will only be there but as long as you don't go sprinkling salt on it or prodding it, it'll fade into the darkness but it'll still be there. I feel that it's best to leave things unsaid, leave issues unresolved between two people, allow that sense of wonderment to remain. Maybe five, ten years from now, I would think about still in curiosity at where the problem was or what their answer would have been. Because, I tried to talk it out with a past ... I don't know if boyfriend is the right word, but he completely ignored answering the question and kept talking on his own. Some guys are just pricks.

Leave things as they are. Don't go prodding around for answers that will only lead to more headaches and problems you never thought existed. It is okay to go and see them one more time from afar and by afar, I mean really like two streets away or across the street, hidden in a crowd. haha.

Sometimes, trying to get down to the absolute truth may unveil an ugly thing you don't want to see. So why try to do that? Let that curiosity and wonder remain somewhere deep within us.


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