Amazon, Whole Foods, Online Versus Physically Going Out To Purchase

A lot of people are upset and stunned by the news of Amazon buying Whole Foods. Even though they said that Whole Foods will still be a chain of stores and operate. Many claim it's a tactic that Amazon is using to promote and push its new Amazon Fresh program. It is still upsetting to see another traditional store being bought by a company which thrives through online purchasing. Being in the retail industry myself- I can say that this is going to have an effect on fellow coworkers and the whole   retail industry itself. Everyone is worried for their jobs and how long can they stay afloat with their companies.

And when the news of Amazon buying Whole Foods was known worldwide, stocks for all the major grocery chains plummeted and are still struggling. Scary but not surprising how the action of one company can cause such a ripple through grocery chains that have been around for forever.

Whether or not grocery stores will disappear for good would be hard to tell, I feel that they won't because regardless if amazon or another company takes over these grocery chains- you still need their distributors and warehouses to send product. So grocery chains can't really just be destroyed...right?

Online shopping has been more and more popular over the last decade because of the progress of technology and how it has made anything obtainable right at your fingertips on the internet with a single click.

But the thing is not everyone is a fan of buying things online- the elder generations have a hard time using computers and smartphones and have no idea what an app is. They prefer the experience of going to an actual store and touching and examining what they are buying instead of just staring at a few pixels on a screen. Not only the elder generation but some younger generations find it confusing to actually be able to buy groceries online such as fruit and veggies. Wouldn't you like to pick that bunch of romaine lettuce instead of having someone else pick it out for you or just randomly sticking one into a box for you?

Yes, there are some people that just have no time for grocery shopping because of work or school or other reasons but you make time. That's all I am going to say.

I still can't wrap my head around actually being able to buy clothes off the internet, sure there are sizes to pick from and colors and so forth. However, don't you want to try it on at the store before actually buying it? Yes, you can return it by mail but that wastes a lot of time even with expedited shipping.  I will admit there are certain things that I would buy online such as books and journals but that's only when I have no time to go to the bookstore. If I had the time, I would rather go to the bookstore and hold the book and smell the freshness of the pages instead. Things that are hard to find in actual stores around the area is what I am trying to say.

But not for a bag of oranges or onions or a bottle of orange juice. You can get those things anywhere and if you cannot go and buy it yourself- surely you can ask a friend, neighbor, relative to take you out to grocery shopping. I see that a lot around here. Though I feel that buying groceries online and stuff seems to be a habit of the younger generation.

Because the younger generation have been born into an era, where technology is at such a high peak turning the impossible to possible. They have been groomed into being lazy because everything is at their fingertips. It's disappointing but what can we do?

Shopping malls are also disappearing...there are abandoned malls all over the long until it happens to grocery chains? How much hi-tech will this era become? I can't answer that question but it's an unrestful thought. Malls and grocery stores are are good pass time, to just walk around in with family and enjoy quality time together shopping rather than just sit in front of a computer and purchase things. But that's what the society is pushing things in the direction of. What can we do? 


  1. Abandoned shops everywhere in my local town too, yet an unusual boom in tattoo studios?

    Amazon thrives due to high quality and much lower prices.

    It's bad for the older generation, but in the long term, they'll die out and everyone will be tech savvy.

    I'm concerned with regard to the job market. News outlets claim half of our jobs will be done by robots by 2030.

    This isn't some far off future, but something we'll experience soon in our lifetime.

    Where exactly is all this heading?


    1. Right? that's really sad to see abandoned shops...
      Tattoo studios seem weird ..hahaha of all things, tattoo places?
      Yeah, that's what i heard too about the job market that there will be no need for humans to work anymore because robots will do all of it and they won't complain or anything. That's just ten years's amazing that we'll be able to witness that but it hurts us too.
      The extinction of human race? Totally random could be....i don't know.

    2. Extinction...hmm...I think things will be utter chaos, followed by either really good change, or really bad. Depends upon who leads humanity and also what the people vote for.

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  3. For me, it depends on the situation. Clothes I'd rather be in-store "unless I am familiar with a particular product, and they are offering a really good online price." In general, I personally don't believe people should be clothes online, they're just too many variables." Sometimes you have to PAY TO EXCHANGE CLOTHES ONLINE! I'd rather just take my ass to a store, unless I can't get what I want any other way. For clothes and food, I'd rather feel the texture, see the TRUE COLOR of the clothes I'm interested in, and read the ingredient of a food, see the expiration date, and physically judge whether a food is good enough to eat IN PERSON. I understand their are times when you need to buy stuff online (I do it too, believe me), but unless they are offering an amazing price on something, we need to take our lazy ass and walk to the store. Yet we complain about people getting fatter?


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