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Social Media is a Two-Sided Blade

The power of social media has really amazed over the course of a decade. I am an 80’s baby and while that may seem insignificant to many. It means a lot to how slowly I’ve come to get used to all the social media apps and sites out there today. I have always been a book person and journal person and never really reached out to computers until I entered elementary school. Computers seemed like a completely new world to me then and I mostly used computers for homework and typing. I still remember Xanga and MySpace. Those were very popular during my high school years.
I am sure many during their teen years back around my era created facebooks, myspaces, and xangas but never looked after them once accounts were made. My Facebook remained untouched mostly throughout high school until I entered college and was told of networking and how social networks helped with getting to know people. However, we have to be careful of the people we meet and be able to tell who are scammers, hackers, an…

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