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Gain and Losses

Gain and losses. Who knows the right order of the two or the spiritual meaning of those words? We never understand those two words until we've gone through enough of life's ups and downs, bitterness and sweetness. 
It is human nature to always want to gain the upper hand in any scenario regardless if it's an argument, a fight, a game, a bet, a business, and so forth. They don't want to lose. They don't want the other one to have any gains. What is their reason of always seeking to gain everything they can and want? Everyone's reason is different. it could be for oursleves, their family, friends, for the thrill of it, for the power, it can be anything. They love the immense amount of thrill and rush they get from winning and it boosts their self-esteem to bringing them to believe they can get their way in anything. There is no clear answer to give other than hearing it from the person themselves. 
Loss. Everyone is afraid of losing whether it be a bet, a job op…

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