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Letters Vs. Digital

In today's society, technology has pretty much taken over a lot of things we can do by hand and contacting people who may live in a completely other country no longer takes months but simply a click away. I'm not saying that that is not ideal or convenient. However, we lose something unique and precious too as well aren't we? Maybe it's just me and my weirdness; however, I'm a huge lover of writing actual letters to friends who are even in the same city as I am. 
Many friends react with 'What is wrong with you? Why are you wasting stamps when someone is less than a text, call or email away?' Well, I can't change their views or them, but I can say waiting for a letter response from someone brings me the greatest joy. That anxiety, the wonder of how they'll respond, the touch of the letter under your fingers when you retrieve it from your mailbox and so much more. 
Those are really precious moments for me. I love gently opening an envelope and pullin…

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