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Wedding Dinner Afterthoughts

I went to attend a wedding dinner yesterday for one of my mother's old friends at Old Chinatown. It was at 2100 S. Archer and the restaurant was so elegant and classy. I doubt I could afford to dine there on a regular day. The food was delicious and I haven't ate so much for a long time. That may have sound weird but welcome to the middle class lifestyle. I had a ton of fun with my cousin and took pictures. Some people kept commenting on me being pretty, I doubt that I am and I am not. >_> It was flattering though. The wedding gifts were very cute and I love the boxes color so much. 
They had a lot of little games and fun moments. I refused to go up and try to catch the bride's bouquet though! I didn't want to get married just yet. The newly wedded couple looked so beautiful and a perfect match! <3 Much wishes to them for a hundred years of happiness! 
Okay, how do I feel after the wedding dinner? My mom told me that I got five years until I hit the big thirt…

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