Wedding Dinner Afterthoughts

Shots of the front of the wedding. You can see the bridge in the pink dress at the front.

Shots of the front of the wedding.

Shots of the front of the wedding

Dessert is served.

Me and my cousin with no special effects.

A gate in Old Chinatown that we passed after the dinner.

My mom took three gift boxes because some people didn't show up at our table.

My mother after the dinner.

The Wedding dinner invitation

Me and my cousin Yukie

Wedding gifts for the guests. The box color was so pretty and the pair of key chains are so cute!

I went to attend a wedding dinner yesterday for one of my mother's old friends at Old Chinatown. It was at 2100 S. Archer and the restaurant was so elegant and classy. I doubt I could afford to dine there on a regular day. The food was delicious and I haven't ate so much for a long time. That may have sound weird but welcome to the middle class lifestyle. I had a ton of fun with my cousin and took pictures. Some people kept commenting on me being pretty, I doubt that I am and I am not. >_> It was flattering though. The wedding gifts were very cute and I love the boxes color so much. 

They had a lot of little games and fun moments. I refused to go up and try to catch the bride's bouquet though! I didn't want to get married just yet. The newly wedded couple looked so beautiful and a perfect match! <3 Much wishes to them for a hundred years of happiness! 

Okay, how do I feel after the wedding dinner? My mom told me that I got five years until I hit the big thirty. Never had a boyfriend like a physical one in the same city. Had some long distance but she says that doesn't count. I can't deny that I am getting older not younger anymore. A woman over thirty won't find a good match unless you are some rich lady and got like the best everything. To make matters more worst, my cousin started telling me to hurry up and get married so she can go to a wedding party again. 

I am considering of reconsidering someone of the past...maybe they are right. There is no one but him that may still want me. However, there were so many misunderstandings and lies and assumptions from him and his mother that I can't let it go so easily. It's been a knot in my life and heart for a long time. But every time I see my aging and time slip by each day. It's hard to ignore. I have told my mother that marriage is not a necessity. She thinks it is because she is a single parent. When she is gone, I will have no one. 

The wedding dinner really affected me. The newly wedded couples happiness was something I wished I could have someday but it all seems like a disillusioned dream. I felt there was a pure and simplistic happiness in that room last night and it warmed my heart in the coldest spot. There was a sense of peace as well which calmed me. And my cousin buzzing at my ear side isn't really helping about wanting to see me married. So, I am now a heap of jumbled thoughts and mess. 


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