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Rowdy Young Generation!

Rowdy young generation of teens that I witnessed on the 147 northbound bus from downtown Chicago on Valentine’s Day this year. I’ve always managed to keep an open mind regarding high school kids because I’ve been in their shoes. I was never the outgoing and loud nor a troublemaker during my school years, but I was aware of how out of control high school kids may be.
A friend once told me that the younger generation holds so much promise nowadays, and they are daring and brimming with fiery passion about new ideas to break through traditional and old views and ideas. I thought about what he said back then and it did make sense. There are good high school kids out there but it only takes a few rotten apples to ruin the whole batch. I see high school kids as people who have not yet experienced enough of life and too overly fearless and do stupid things. I feel that in their eyes they believe they have all the right in the world and freedom to do whatever it is they desire once out of a…

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