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Call me stupid or slow. But I never knew there was such things as wishbones from chickens! Until my coworker at work who was pulling chickens came up to me holding out a wishbone. I looked at him strangely and he said to make a wish but don't say it and then pull on one side until it snapped while he held the other! 
I lost the first time but I had wished for things to go well for the guy and I. He said that even thought I lost his wish was for my wish to come true. Sometimes he can be a pain in the butt but usually he is quite a nice guy. He's just overly blunt but that is not a bad thing at times, it's just how he is. 
He gave me another wishbone later on and I finally won and I do hope my wish will come true. 
So here is a little informative on wishbones and the symbolization behind it:
----------------------------------------- wish·bone ˈwiSHˌbōn/ noun plural noun: wishbones 1. a forked bone (the furcula) between the neck and breast of a bird. According to a popular custo…

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