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Small Rant On: Donald Trump and My Political View

Most of you know that I don’t really like talking about politics or elections. I do have my opinions and views on politics and how the government runs things and strongly disapprove many of the times. I would have to say my standing on politics and government’s way of governing is more based on Confucianism and Mencius’s way of thinking. Call me too traditional and old schooled but many Asian countries survived for thousands of years under sovereigns. The system worked for so long and if they were willing to change with the tide of society and era, I believe there will still be many countries ruled by kings today.
I have been greatly surprised with the candidates for the 2016 presidential election. There’s businessmen, women, politicians, even a surgeon who are all trying to become president. I personally hate when these elections come and every channel you turn on has these advertisements of politicians attacking each other. It disgusts me to see them attacking each other and that is …

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