Small Rant On: Donald Trump and My Political View

Most of you know that I don’t really like talking about politics or elections. I do have my opinions and views on politics and how the government runs things and strongly disapprove many of the times. I would have to say my standing on politics and government’s way of governing is more based on Confucianism and Mencius’s way of thinking. Call me too traditional and old schooled but many Asian countries survived for thousands of years under sovereigns. The system worked for so long and if they were willing to change with the tide of society and era, I believe there will still be many countries ruled by kings today.

I have been greatly surprised with the candidates for the 2016 presidential election. There’s businessmen, women, politicians, even a surgeon who are all trying to become president. I personally hate when these elections come and every channel you turn on has these advertisements of politicians attacking each other. It disgusts me to see them attacking each other and that is why I don’t even bother to vote anymore. I am so weary of the constant competition and power games they play. When will they learn to actual fulfill promises they make to the people, when will they realize it’s not just about winning the vote but remembering what they promised?

Every election regardless big or small there is one ‘clown’ in the candidates and in this presidential election the biggest joke is Donald Trump. I’ve never been a fan of him ever since the first time I saw him on the news. His ego is so huge and in my experience and knowledge people with huge egos usually are self-centered and care only about their own profits and gains. He is too emotional about some matters I’ve heard of in some of his interviews and comments. There’s a lot of prejudice and narrow views that he’s already expressed. I don’t know how the places he visited and the people take of him but he seems like a whiny child to me. I feel all he does is shot out these little protests over controversial topics.

Is that how a president should be? In my eyes…a president should be composed, intelligent, knows when to talk and not to, knows what to say and who to say it to at the right time, to watch how they act in front of the people and be aware that their every speech, every decision will be examined under a magnifying glass by the house and people. This was how sovereigns used to be as well and even now in countries that still have monarchy rule. Regardless if they are a president or sovereign, they are the person who has to deal with issues, govern a land, lay out and execute plans, able to stand up to backfires and disapproval. Sadly, Donald Trump has no strengths in any of those areas. He has a company but running a company is nothing but a piece of a sand compared to ruling an entire country. Trump is a child who hasn’t grown up at all. The worst part is he’s too blind to see any of this probably or he thinks it’s completely fine.

I just find presidents as jokes now. I am sorry if that is blunt or offensive. I have a friend who said: ‘Obama isn’t stupid as many people claim he is. He’s not stupid. If he were, he wouldn’t been able to become president, but he doesn’t know how to deal or govern the country is all.’ I agree with him. I don’t think politicians are stupid but they just lack experience or knowledge to govern properly.

I read in many historical records and books that many politicians (or court officials they used to be called) excelled in many fields of study from politics, to military strategies, to agriculture, to treasury, to administration management, to history, to astronomy, to the arts, to medicine, and criminal justice studies. They self-taught themselves and made sure to study and analyze historic records down to the bone to learn from history and not make similar mistakes. Even sovereigns were forced to start studies at six to excel in everything so they understood what the topic being discussed rather than being led on by court officials. I find that amazing and feel that’s how it should be now though that’s unlikely.  

How times has changed…


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