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New Blog Is Up

New Blog:

Hello, everyone!!!! I apologize for being so behind with the upkeep of my blog. I recently got a job promotion at work which means longer hours and more exhausted me, yay. Anyways, because of the long hours-- I haven't had time to maintain my blog, read, or work on my own novels anymore which is sad. I feel as if my purpose is home to work, work to home, home - work, work - home every single week. 
Nothing is more torturing than not being able to savor the thrill of reading a new book or working on my own writing. However, because of some people around me who still find time to do what they like to do after work. I have decided to do my best to pick this back up and keep flying forward. But I cannot find motivation to work on my story. 
So I decided to start up a new blog which would mainly be me writing little story snippets based off writing prompts to help me boost my creativity and hopefully allow me to overcome my writer'…

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