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How Much Education Is Enough?

How much education is enough? There is not one education system in the world that doesn’t have at least one flaw. There is also not one education in the world that does leave one in years of debt. Society demands education for everyone up to high school so everyone may be educated properly and be literate. I am not saying education is a bad thing and this is neither my main point. I digress so forgive me.
I am sure everyone hates school for one reason or another if it isn’t hate then it must be irritation or wariness they feel at some point. When young, we don’t understand why we must go to school and why we must sit here for hours listening to the teacher drone. When we grow old enough to understand why, we start to question how much education is sufficient enough for us to move through this life. I always wondered that myself. I cannot speak for anyone else but ever since I was a child I questioned how much education is enough for one person. I think about how in history, many gre…

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