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Final Thoughts on 2014

Tonight is the final night of 2014! HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE, EVERYONE! I hope you all are having tons of fun with friends and family and enjoying the last night of 2014 to its fullest. Another book in our life is counting down to its last hours and a new book starts tomorrow. 
I only have a few last words for tonight so this is going to be a short post. 
I want to thank you for fate or chance whichever it is for allowing me to meet several good friends this year. They are some amazing people-- this shoutout goes out to them even though they may not know or hear it: 
Bryan, Joe, Dora, Idrissa, and Eric! You guys are awesome and I love you each so much!!! You guys are awesome friends and I hope we all have another great year next year! :)) 
Friends are precious. I am so grateful for meeting them and I hope that shared bond will last no matter what happens in the future. That applies to old friends as well! Memories and experiences cannot be erased even if paths split between us. ^^ Al…

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