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Wise Words

Would your 8 year old self be proud of you right now? When we were children- we fantasied what and who we would be ten years in the future more than likely. When we see a television show that shows a cowboy that is righteous or saves lives and rid the world of evil- we think that's who we want to be. When we see a doctor, nurse, or lawyer and see the amazing things they do- our desires get swayed again and we tell ourselves that we must do good in school so we could like them one day. Yet, things never go as we plan unfortunately unless you were born in a rich and well off family that offered you that luxury of having things your way or making it through college for the most part. I don't know about you folks but my 8 year old self is cursing the daylights out of right now if that was possible. 
But did you ever think that you would possibly find yourself stuck in retail work after four years of college ... probably not right? Retail is probably the brutalist field of work fo…

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