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Creative Writing: Fire in The Sky

I don't usually post my poetry or creative works on blogger. However, I saw such a beautifully colored sky today and wanted to share the spur of the moment feels with everyone. My poetry writing skills are horrible. Please forgive me! 

Colors of violet and pink smear the sky, Not a single bird dares to take flight. Not a single bird dares to chirp its morning songs. Only the sounds of Tires, Footsteps, Engines, And music heard through headphones break the silence.
A scar appears in the mix of violet and purple. It opens wider and wider. A patch of blue appears and shows us the mirror to the other side.
We peek through the strange tear and become witnesses. This strange colored sky mirrors peace on our side. Yet mirrors war on a battlefield in a parallel universe. There war rages on, reforms are completed, equality is fought for. The sounds of War drums, War horns, Cries of injustice, Cries of joy, Bells of peace Drone on in the distance as each war comes to an end.

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