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Sincere Apologies To My Dad

I have a job now and may be considered a horrible daughter today, until my mom reminded me that since I have a job, my first check should go to my father. Tell him that I have the ability and power to make a living on my own and help lift the burden from my mom's shoulders.

I never received the fatherly love I needed for too many years that I can no longer recall. My mother has done an amazing job of trying to be both to me though failing miserably in some ways. She was too stern, too unemotional---too stressed to ever put in real love for me. However, what I can say with my head held high and proudly is that--I never stopped loving my father and there was never a day that I didn't think of him. He was there spiritually in his own way. His voice always echoed in times of indecision and there were always words of encouragement.

I will give my first check to my father. Because I will never forget how many times, I stood in front of his grave and wished that he would help me fin…

Coffee Talk: Conflicts With Co-workers

Coffee Talk: Conflicts With Co-workers

Conflict at work always happens, regardless if the co-worker plain hates you and doing it on purpose or you did something wrong but unable to face it. What I can say is this. That conflicts are like a sunrise and sunset. It comes when it comes because without conflict--we would never learn from mistakes or gain experience from dealing with different people or situations. It also disappears just as fast whether the conflict is resolved in the end or not.

When I am faced with a conflict at work or life with other people, I usually try to avoid arguing so it doesn't lead to a bigger problem. However, it also depends on what the situation is, like if I knew I am being framed on purpose or if I am right, I tend to try and find a supervisor to reason with. Because you don't know the other people too well, you don't know if your arguing will trigger a bigger emotional response from them. I feel it's best to find a person with higher auth…

Sorry Blog! - Update on Everything -Talk over Tea

Wow, nearly half a month since I last made a post. I apologize! I'll update on what is going on with life and how I've been coping. School has been going pretty well--I feel that I've been learning a lot but some things feel repetitive in my opinion. What pissed me off is my English literature teacher. He said our midterm is covering over 20 authors during the romanticism period and if we get part of a question wrong the entire thing is wrong. And, no, this isn't grad school but just your regular ungrad. Everyone got so upset over it and I feel like this midterm is like a college history exam on steroids. He won't even consider the exam of being open book which double sucks. let's see how we all fail it.

On the bright side, I have managed to find a job at Chick-Fila-A! Yay me! I am a prep girl in the kitchen and I love my job. It's just that sometimes it gets overly hectic especially night shifts (which I do) and there are no extra hands to help. But---I s…

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