Coffee Talk: Conflicts With Co-workers

Conflict at work always happens, regardless if the co-worker plain hates you and doing it on purpose or you did something wrong but unable to face it. What I can say is this. That conflicts are like a sunrise and sunset. It comes when it comes because without conflict--we would never learn from mistakes or gain experience from dealing with different people or situations. It also disappears just as fast whether the conflict is resolved in the end or not.

When I am faced with a conflict at work or life with other people, I usually try to avoid arguing so it doesn't lead to a bigger problem. However, it also depends on what the situation is, like if I knew I am being framed on purpose or if I am right, I tend to try and find a supervisor to reason with. Because you don't know the other people too well, you don't know if your arguing will trigger a bigger emotional response from them. I feel it's best to find a person with higher authority to speak with them. However, usually I really avoid conflicts at all costs of just accept them as they come.

Because conflicts will always be there, just as the sun will always rise as it always will set. You can get past this conflict but then how about the next one and then the next one?


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