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Different Types of Persistence

An amount of time has gone by since my experience with someone I sincerely like. I must say that even though I have received his answer…my feelings for him has not grown any faint, any less, any weaker but it’s only grown stronger. I know that I shouldn’t have developed feelings for him because our positions, but the more I tried to forget and let go—the harder it has become to let go. I don’t plan on letting him know that I am still stuck on him. I don’t want anything from him yet I can’t control my persistence and can’t control myself from liking him.
Why must I try and fight the feeling and my own heart then? Why trouble myself each day over the feelings that should have never developed for him? I can’t change what has occurred and can’t run from it.I have decided to place this amount of affection and feelings for him and hide it deeply in my heart. I won’t trouble it with him again or trouble myself. I have decided to treasure every experience and interaction with him and hold onto…

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