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Greatly effected by a book I've been reading...

I usually don't do book reviews on this blog nor talk about books on this blog. However, while I reading this book on my way home from work on the bus I found it impossible to put down. Murakami is one of the top authors which I love dearly and his writing is so simple and realistic, there is no going in circles. His characters' dialogue is direct when it has to be and hidden with riddles when it had to be. He manages to capture human aloneness so well. 
The book is clearly up there with Norwegian Wood and his best works. It deserves to be read widely by all ages. I adore how his books all have a metaphysical theme, the strong theme of friendship, love, bond, life, and tons of reflection. The horror I felt from it was how much people change in sixteen years. How regrets and words left unsaid back then haunt us for a lifetime. The flow of time theme is so strong and relatable that made me even feel undeniably old as I recalled my own twenty-five years of life and all I went th…

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