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Your Rejection May Be A Lifelong Regret

Before you choose to reject someone, you best consider all the possible outcomes that may occur and the effect it'll have in the future. Because the person you may be rejecting, may be the person who you can spend your entire life with and give your everything to. The person who knows you better than you know yourself, sees you clearer than yourself and you can see them in that same way. Two people who has shared a deep bond and connection that can't be easily severed. 
However, it may be the timing is wrong, or because of doubts or uncertainty, we may waver and reject the person. Or it may be having tried to persuade them to change their views, change their way in life, in all hopes for the better, but it turns out in vain. Either way...because of a moment of confusion or whatever the case may be, we choose to reject. 
Because we've rejected them, it becomes a regret that we will sigh back on and reminisce deeply, three, five, ten years from now perhaps. A scar that will…

To see if hearts will still sense each other...

One of my best friends chose to disconnect and take a break from the net recently. I envy him because as a writer I cannot imagine living without my ipod, my phone, my laptop because I must feel inspired at anytime when I am writing. However, that may only be my own excuses who knows. I hope from here that no matter what he is doing now that he is well and at peace. :). Do you hear that Jamie?! >: O.

Jams and I have been friends for a long time. I would never forget how we met and how it went from there. It's been several years and though we've had our ups and downs in the beginning and nearly lost what we shared, we still managed to reconnect with each other. We only talk on skype, but usually we email each other a lot and sometimes we write letters and mail them to each other. We talk of everything and have a lot in common. It's not easy to find someone to be able to be friends like we are.

I find that you don't need too many friends, like some people have over a…

Found this interesting quote

"How do you know when it's over? Maybe when you feel more in love with your memories than with the person standing in front of you." ~ Unknown book or author. 
Today I found this interesting quote on However, there was no book title nor author indicated or tagged by the uploader. Sadly, I am rather disappointed because I would want to read this book and know what it is about. Really strong writing right there to me at least and I feel that everyone could relate to this quote. That is why I wanted to write about this today after work. 
I feel this doesn't only mean when you know when a relationship is on the verge of ending but also on other levels too. Many of the times people tend to force a person who they love one-sided to be fantasized into this perfect figure in their mind. Sudden actions from that person, whether its acts of kindness, friendliness or whatever the case may be. We try to cling on so tightly to  memories that may not mean much to the…


Sorry everyone for the disappearance and lack of blog posts. I cannot find a good way to explain what has happened to me during these past few months. A few sentences could describe what I've been through and that would be...Life is unpredictable, in these few short months of time. I lost a dearly relative that I loved deeply and everything was turned upside down for me. I lost my job...went unemployment for months, got lost, pawed around to find my way again, now I have a job again but lost the last relative I relative I truly respected. There were gains and losses I guess it all depends on how I choose to see them. 
Today while I was sitting on the bus on my way home from work. I sat in a seat where my feet were off the ground by a feet or two. Yes, I am not the tallest person in the world but certainly not the shortest either! Though I feel horribly short at work....anyways. While my feet were dangling in the air, I felt that humans have never really thought more deeply about …

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