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Reflection On Article: Intermarriage 'major risk factor' in Peterborough child deaths

Original news article: Intermarriage 'major risk factor' in Peterborough child deaths
I came across this article and it's just so tragic to read about. Children are so precious and bright and shouldn't die at such a young age when they've barely gotten to see much of the world yet. Children are suffering because of their parents' actions. The reason of death was due to congenital abnormalities. 
Experts say that it is because of 'culture condition' that these tragedies happen to children. First cousins marrying each other and so on. 
In most Asian cultures, this is a very big deal because they absolutely reject the idea of marriage between first cousins and even if two people are completely unrelated but have the same last name are not allowed to marry each other.  It's a very big deal and you could be disowned for committing such 'disgraceful crimes'. 
I know if we are to look at this from a scientific view then there is a pile of scientif…

Keep Fighting!!!!

"Keep Fighting" has always been a really cliche saying especially in Korean TV dramas. It used to irritate me so much whenever someone said it because it sounded so fake and wrong to me for some reason. However, due to situations in my life right now. I feel that any words of encouragement means so much to me and whether they are cliche or not does not matter. When a person reaches a point in life where they feel as if they're in a corner, any type of warmth, kindness, encouragement is priceless to them. 
Does this mean I'll be saying the phrase 'keep fighting' to everyone for the smallest reasons? No.  I want to go on a little 'Keep Fighting' rant on here for everything that is going on in the world and in everyone's life. 
Keep fighting each day to do your best at school, at work, at your dreams. It doesn't matter if it's something that you don't like to do or am tired of doing. Those things are only temporary and bad days will come…

Reflection on Artist Yuumei's 'Feel and Conquer'

Photo and copyright belongs to: Yuumei
Link to her deviantart post:
I came across this amazing artist's facebook page and then found her on deviantart and she has such an amazing talent and gift in art. I do not know her personally but her artwork called out to me when I first set eyes on her work. It was breathtaking and no words can describe the story behind each piece of work she created. Because of her recent art piece and message included in it, I decided to write this reflection to her piece because her message reminded me of my own life and experiences as well and why I chose a creative field in college. 
I feel that most people who go into the creative field usually suffered some horrible experience in their childhood. It could have been a dysfunctional family, abusive childhood, depression, bullying, or whatever the emotional trauma was. They sought an opening to escape from their reality and m…

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