Keep Fighting!!!!

"Keep Fighting" has always been a really cliche saying especially in Korean TV dramas. It used to irritate me so much whenever someone said it because it sounded so fake and wrong to me for some reason. However, due to situations in my life right now. I feel that any words of encouragement means so much to me and whether they are cliche or not does not matter. When a person reaches a point in life where they feel as if they're in a corner, any type of warmth, kindness, encouragement is priceless to them. 

Does this mean I'll be saying the phrase 'keep fighting' to everyone for the smallest reasons? No. 
I want to go on a little 'Keep Fighting' rant on here for everything that is going on in the world and in everyone's life. 

Keep fighting each day to do your best at school, at work, at your dreams. It doesn't matter if it's something that you don't like to do or am tired of doing. Those things are only temporary and bad days will come to an end. Things you don't like to do yet have to will come to an end and a new beginning will start. The secret is as long as you don't stop fighting each day with all of your strength and refuse to give up or let go. I believe that at the end of the tunnel is a bright light waiting to wrap around you for all you've given up and for all the efforts you put into each day. 

Not everyone likes going to school and doing school work but think of the end result at the of four years, eight years, or more. You'll have gained a lot and be able to hopefully find a good job even though some days, weeks, months may have been horrible but be grateful you never gave up or you would have no reached the light at the end. 

Not everyone likes the job they're in. Some people choose to settle for a job less of what they want. Some people choose to set eyes on the highest job they can find with their experience and educational background. Everyone has different levels of satisfaction and ambitions for what type of work they want to do. We all keep fighting to grasp onto that job and endure all the hardships until we reach the point where we want to be at even if it's a job we hate. It's all an art of fighting we have to keep at to reach that light.

Not everyone can manage to make their dreams become reality especially for creative artists such as writers, musicians, painters, artists, and so forth. I am within this list and it has always been an on and off struggle with me filled with disappointment and weariness. I feel if it is something you love then we should keep fighting for it no matter how many times we get shot down. Look deep within your soul and heart and ask it if this dream is something you want no matter how much hardship you face then keep fighting. Never lose sight of that light that is waiting at the end of the tunnel. 

I feel that with all the unrest, all the violence, all the losses, the pain, the political games going around, and protests...what right do we have say: 'I give up!' or 'I don't want to fight anymore!' over the smallest things? People all around the world have lost homes, lost loved ones, lost children that are no older than five or six due to violence. There are people starving, people who have no jobs, people who are struggling in neck high water to survive so why right do we have to stop fighting when we have things they don't? A little disappointment and rejection should not be enough to make us give in. How many have suffered because of corruption in the government? We all have and we're still all fighting. You think you have a horrible family and past. There is someone out here with an even more difficult family and past than you. Never think you've had it the worst but think of what you can do to keep fighting and pushing forward.

We were given a pair of fragile shoulders at birth and with time they've grown stronger, broader, and firmer than stone as we carry so much on them throughout a lifetime. Please keep fighting under any circumstances and remember to keep your head up, don't forget to be grateful for what you have, and be positive. 



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