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Today We had our first snow of winter

Today Chicago had it's first snowfall of the winter season. Like real snow without rain mixed with snow to make it be like slush. It is like solidified winter! I love snow and just watching it fall from the skies just make it seem like feathers of angels that are falling. Angels that take flight as loose wings break loose from their wings by the force. Let it snow endlessly!

As snow falls downward, we as humans want to let lanterns that carry our life and holiday wishes to the skies. I do wonder how many of these lanterns will reach the higher beings and be granted. A million tiny lights soaring up to the night sky, carrying our wishes, our dreams, our hidden emotions, will they be heard?

Does Anyone Still Remember?

I have been talking to a friend about some old shows and how good the shows used to be back like 10+ years ago. They weren't as dark and crazy but rather always trying to get a laugh out of the audience no matter what kind of show it was. The shows nowadays aren't bad, they're good but most are just a bit too dark, too heavy, too violent. We see how that effects the next generation doesn't it? A show that I grew up with is Friends! How many of you guys remember that show?
Whenever, it turned 6 o'clock at night, I sat myself in front of that TV and watched it for that precious half hour every single day. The best thing about that was always after Friends, came a family show called Everybody Loves Raymond. I loved that show so much and it was too hilarious to not love! Raymond is like the husband with no backbone and I would never live across the street from the in laws. Total nightmare. Good days, good memories, warm family feeling, good laugh after a hard day at s…

I've Made a decision that I may regret but it's too late

Sorry for not posting for some time on here. A lot has happened and I haven't been able to have much time to check blogs. Recently, I've made a decision that I may soon come to regret. Sometimes I wonder why I am always making choices too quickly, but it wasn't decided rashly, not when your mother is buzzing at your ear side for hours a day. 
I've decided and have registered for an EMT class that will start in January of next year. Those who know me will be like 'what the heck? Are you out of your mind?' But, yeah I wanna yell like that at myself too. I dunno, lately, I've been thinking---everyday like is this a job I want to do? A girl who cries help at math and science for the last 13+ schooling years in her life? It's a very honorable job to have, an injured person's life is in your hands as first responder. 
However, I do remember how much fun and interesting it was to take that college biology class at my old college. I really enjoyed reading …

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