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If the Essential aspect of your life was taken away...

One of my dearest friends is going through massive changes in life and all my efforts are rebounding back on me. Have you ever had a friend who you've known for too many years to count and came to a stalemate because they seem to have derailed so far from how they originally were. I feel like I've looking at a stranger. Are they still the same friend I shared so much with, gone through so much with and have now lost? 
This dear friend has been an essential part of my life for nearly seven years yet I don't remember when they became essential. And I can say bravely that I know them so well like the back of my own hand. They have drowned themselves in an interest and obsession that has grown out of control. This fear won't go away though they assure me it is nothing and normal. They seemed to have turned from a good and simple person to a completely different person who does care if what they say hurt others or hurts how much. 
I am not mad nor do I hate them. I want t…

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