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Dedication To A Dear Friend - No Matter Where She Is

Yvette Cabada. This name means very much to me. She is my best friend and has been for several years. Sadly, she disappeared suddenly over a month ago in early July. I have no idea where she is or if she okay or not. She is a very dear friend to me, yet I don't even know her exact address or home phone number or how to get a hold of her parents and family. She listened to all my worries, we shared secrets, stories, opinions, and everything possible.

We cried together and laughed together. Shared dreams together and made promises to be friends for a lifetime.

However, all that is crumbling because she has disappeared. None of her other friends know where she is and have last heard from her around the same time I did. There is no news or anything and I am just feeling very lonely and lost without her. She would never go on this long without contacting anyone who knew her.

Yvette had dreams. Big dreams to make changes in the world and improve herself. She didn't want to get marr…

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