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Master of Words = The Writer

Yes, it's difficult to find a job as a storyteller in today's society. However, storytellers is one of the most important that society lacks. Yes, there are a ton of authors, essayists, novelists, and critics in the world. However, they all write to impress and go with whatever bandwagon the rest of the authors are going in. 
I don't approve of this type of thinking at all. Think. What is the true meaning of storytelling? I am a storyteller myself and wish to do that for a lifetime. I want to have a unique and distinctive voice from the rest of the bandwagon. I want to tell stories of topics that belong to me. I want to share my life with the world through characters I've created. In return, I hope the next generations to come would learn from these lessons and learn not to make the same mistakes as I.
I believe one can't become a storyteller without reading tons of books themselves on the first hand. However, those who have experienced a lot have a ton of tales t…

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