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Enjoy Life Before Adulthood

I only have one piece of advice to share with everyone today. That is to enjoy your childhood, to enjoy the good old school years, and the time that you spend with your friends. Because it is in the world's natural order that in order for you to gain something, you must lose something first. In this case, everyone needs to lose their innocence and childhood, we can't go around acting like children for all of our lives right? We must grow up, leave our childhood state of mind and years and ease into the years of adulthood which is filled with responsibility and bills. 
We never realize the extent of something until we lose it. We never realized how lucky we were to be able to live in the innocence of youth and not have a single worry in the whole world. We thought naively that that time of carefreeness would never end.
However, all good things will always come to a subtle end. If life went on in carefree and careless natures, that would be ideal for a lot of us wouldn't it…

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