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Reality Versus Unrealistic

Petals that are blown across the land are actually wishes that haven't been granted. And those who catch one petal are and will one day meet the owner of that wish and grant every wish they have.  ~Jae Okita 
Lately- I've still been unable to understand what I have gotten myself into. I have definitely improved much more since my last post on what I had to work on. I'm proud and happy that progress is being made every passing day. It's not an easily road but taking that first step is what's most important right? 
What i wanted to talk about today was how many of us always thought that certain circumstances and events happened in books and only stayed in books. Didn't we believed and were taught in school that humans can't fly, there are no flying pigs, no dragons, no magic, no immortality, not always is there a happy ending, and no invincible superhero powers. However, i believe that this world is huge, possibilities are endless and if no such things existed…

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