Reality Versus Unrealistic

Petals that are blown across the land are actually wishes that haven't been granted. And those who catch one petal are and will one day meet the owner of that wish and grant every wish they have. 
~Jae Okita 

Lately- I've still been unable to understand what I have gotten myself into. I have definitely improved much more since my last post on what I had to work on. I'm proud and happy that progress is being made every passing day. It's not an easily road but taking that first step is what's most important right? 

What i wanted to talk about today was how many of us always thought that certain circumstances and events happened in books and only stayed in books. Didn't we believed and were taught in school that humans can't fly, there are no flying pigs, no dragons, no magic, no immortality, not always is there a happy ending, and no invincible superhero powers. However, i believe that this world is huge, possibilities are endless and if no such things existed then why are there actual records of alchemy and magic users recorded in history? Shamanic powers, witchcraft, seers, reading carvings on animal bones to foretell a kingdom's fortune. I believe such terrifying powers once did exist but in today's society, writers tend to exaggerate and stretch too far from the truth at times making things seem too real yet at the same time too hard to believe. 

I've been digressing too far from my main point. I've come across a situation in life right now where it's similar to being the main female protagonist in a shoujo manga (where there is one main girl and several guys have expressed their affections for). I am completely bewildered and unable to make sense of any of what's going on. I don't understand though they've told told me I'm one of a kind type of girl. Am I really? I'm not perfect and have my little flaws. 

What I really don't understand is why this is all happening now? When I decided to not even think about these things anymore, all of this suddenly happens catching me off guard and tangling me in all of this. It all seems too unreal and all is like a dream within a dream. This type of thing is actually reality and it's happening to me of all people. This is too overwhelming to me still.

I know many can relate because there are people who just think they are the last person anyone would notice in a room. The last person to be asked out or to be liked by someone. Something like this would only happen to popular girls and not average girls. But now it's happened and I am a speechless woman at this moment. I wonder what Jane Austen or Virginia Woolf would have said or how they would have reacted to this.


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