A World in Flames

I was very reluctant on whether or not I wanted to blog after seeing the outcome of the Presidential Election. Mainly, the reason I have't felt up to blogging much at all is because of how fed up with current events that have occurred in the country and around the world. 

The earth was given to humanity as a place for them call home. A place where they were able to settle and grow roots in, start families, careers, live their lives in peace and harmony with one another. However, we allowed our greed, self-desires to ruin that peace and ruin the gift that was given to us. 

Our own intellect, our own opinions, our own morals, our own logic, our own choices brought us to where we stand today as a country. No one put a gun to anyone's head and forced them to vote for Trump. No one pulled threats. Those that chose to vote for Trump did so on their own accord. It pains me to see how many Americans still love Trump despite of the stuff he has already set in motion and caused. 

I want to say something that may seem inappropriate but....I see all humans as matches in this situation right now and the way Trump has been doing things has lit every single one of us up and we have set the world to flames. 

Complaining won't help the situation. Protesting will only cause more violence and brutality. It's best to focus on our own lives and make sure we live every moment to its fullest and meditate to calm ourselves and wish for the best.


  1. Well said Jae! The world is in chaos and America is heading towards civil war.

    We only have power to change ourselves right? Every moment of every day we choose Satan or God. We side with selfishness or let fear halt us, or we bravely push to the route our heart takes us.

    I am praying for your safety during the times that come over the next few years.

    I feel a bad omen brewing inside my heart when I think about America.

    But everyone has too much karma and negativity... Wars approach like a wave, affecting the entire world.

    Keep up your angels/mantra practice and God will surely keep you safe and protected during times of need.

    There is no person more precious than one working towards God during tough times when it is easy to get distracted by material needs.


  2. https://youtu.be/V9oXDps8cJM

    Watch it... Has a lot of truths...

  3. https://youtu.be/bkUr99epJh8

    He's putting his life on the line to say this. Watch all the way through, it's epic.

    Notice how the people who are waking up the most spiritually all promote trump?

    How all the most satanic or people of the old system support Hillary?

    But just like he says... It's a new world!

    Humanity gotta wake up and love each other. Feelings matter... In 100 years we could have a utopia but the rules gotta change.

    I think this is one of the most raw, epic rants of the century!

  4. https://youtu.be/TGe1_i0BPIY

    The first 13:24 is really interesting. I'm seeing the same thing going on when I go outside.

    It's as though most of humanity is degrading into depressed selfish zombies, and when you find someone who is waking up... They're just glowing and their eyes are bright and they're awake.

    I'm sending you these videos specifically to help fill you in on what's going on.

  5. And you get all the brightest, most close to God and truth people promoting trump, check their energy check their message. Check the new joy villa trump dress.


    Check infowars behind the scenes everyone is just so refreshing and...Real...

    And then you get shit faces like Nancy pelosi and Meryl streep who relentlessly attack and wildly exaggerated what trump is doing.

    Those guys are narcistic ego trash!!

    They're trash and god's judgement is upon billionaires who just leech off the rest of us who actually fucking work hard??

    And they just sit at the top looking down at everyone hanging out at their celebrity cool club it's like high school all over again!!

    But who wins in the end?? In the long run ego trash narcissism doesn't stand the test of time those guys all need to be punished or else they won't learn to be nice.

  6. The only light person who is openly against trump I've found is jk Rowling.

    Apparently she'd rather a warmongering witch hell bent on causing as much satanic control, pain and suffering as possible, in charge - than someone who isn't controlled by black magic but is controlled from a direct connection to God through the crown and heart.

    It isn't the person we should worry about, but where the spiritual power and agenda is coming from.

    I support trump because he's carrying out the will of God. Hence why the whole satanic global elite controlled mass media is constantly attacking him and everything he does.

    I don't give two shits which person is in charge all that matters is if they're hooked up to God or Satan.

    I'm pro freedom, pro happiness and pro life. I'm anti Satanism, anti bullying, anti vampirism.

    When you get high enough you either want to enslave humanity and control them, or you want to free them, empower them and make them happy!

    It doesn't get any more obvious than that.


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