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Happy Birthday to The Everygirl!

Happy Birthday to The Everygirl!
Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to a successful year and I hope more successful years are yet to come! Every age we gain is also another completed chapter of our huge storybook! The most important thing to do as a new page of the story takes place is to be full of optimism and embrace every single lesson and step ahead of us gratefully!
Cheers to you!
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Weather: Snow Party!

This morning was crazy! I was in bed and then heard scratching sounds outside. I thought that it was just ice; however, my mother woke me and said it's snowing. Everything from the window at home seemed like not a big deal but then when I actually headed out to school, my boot was encased in snow that had not be shoveled.
I was appalled and made my way across this small bridge I have to cross. It was like hiking the Himalayas or maybe I am just out of shape. Every step and stumble took twice the time and strength. I know one thing for sure and that is, I have gotten all my workout that I need for today. I love snow and walking in it and looking up at the snow covered tree branches down a street but come on, the sidewalks need shoveling!

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