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Childhood Memories- Do You Guys Remember These?

Do you guys still remember these two bad boys?

I don't know about you guys but these two items were what accompanied me in times of boredom and when I didn't have anything to satisfy my urges for a snack. My aunt would have a set of play-doh one of her kids bought for her to keep around whenever her grandchildren or I came over to visit. I remember playing with play-doh in her basement on hot summer days when I was around nine or ten years old. It was very entertaining for me. I would spend hours molding the clay into hamburgers and human figures. It kept me busy for hours and very fun.

I would choose to play with play-doh than play with a computer or electronic devicce any day and if I someday do have kids. I would rather they play with play-doh than electronic devices. I want them to experience what I went through and to learn to be creative, work with their hands, and communicate with family than face a lifeless electronic device all day.

This Fruit Stripe gum is the firs…

Natural Beauty Versus Smothering Your Face with Makeup

All right boys and girls time to sit down and have a talk about beauty. I grew up in a very strict household so makeup and being girly wasn’t really an option. All there was most of the time was studying, studying, studying, and then there was learning how to be a lady and being an independent woman. That was basically my childhood to learn as many handy skills that are useful at home and in society as much as possible before I was all grown up.
Makeup has never been an interest for me. I’ve always believed in inner beauty and natural beauty over smothering chemicals onto your face to satisfy a man’s interest. Where has the era of men valuing inner beauty of women over outer beauty gone? Was there ever such an era? Maybe there were thousands of years ago but it is long gone. Physical appearance is the first thing a guy notices and puts the most emphasis on and that is why women are dieting and working out and spending hundreds on cosmetics to become what men desire.
I am aware that …

Happy 2015!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! : D I hope you all have an amazing night last night and probably are still hungover and sleeping in your warm beds. Today is the beginning of 2015 so don't let even one second go to waste. I am not aware of how the weather is where all you are from but it's freezing here in Chicago. 
I don't feel too good about this year. I am sorry to sound depressing but I have been feeling such a way for days after Christmas. I can't explain why I feel this way but I just feel something is going to happen this year and it's not good. I can't think like that though right? We have to stay positive and start making changes right off the bat. 
A friend said that I shouldn't leave things up to fate and try to take control of things this year. That is going to be difficult to do but I will definitely try my best. You know who you are! I just feel we make a pile of resolutions for each year but how many actually get done even with 365 days of time? We …

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