Natural Beauty Versus Smothering Your Face with Makeup

All right boys and girls time to sit down and have a talk about beauty. I grew up in a very strict household so makeup and being girly wasn’t really an option. All there was most of the time was studying, studying, studying, and then there was learning how to be a lady and being an independent woman. That was basically my childhood to learn as many handy skills that are useful at home and in society as much as possible before I was all grown up.

Makeup has never been an interest for me. I’ve always believed in inner beauty and natural beauty over smothering chemicals onto your face to satisfy a man’s interest. Where has the era of men valuing inner beauty of women over outer beauty gone? Was there ever such an era? Maybe there were thousands of years ago but it is long gone. Physical appearance is the first thing a guy notices and puts the most emphasis on and that is why women are dieting and working out and spending hundreds on cosmetics to become what men desire.

I am aware that I may sound too stereotypical a bit in the previous paragraph and not all women do what I mentioned for men but I can bravely say more than half do. Women fear growing old and wrinkly and having gray hair but I don’t. I feel that’s nature’s order and the natural flow for all humankind.

I think the most makeup I ever wore is simple black eyeliner to make me seem less tired and some moisturizing Burt Bee’s lip balms and a moisturizing face cream.

Girls should allow a guy to notice their inner beauty through daily acts and in the long run one guy will stop and notice and realize the one whose most beautiful is not the one covered in cosmetics but the one who is just happy and proud of the way they are with their natural beauty.

I see girls at work and even on the trains and they are like smothered in makeup, fake eyelashes and eyes that are so heavily covered in eye shadow and eyeliner and their lips beet red. It just makes me shudder sometimes. I apologize if I offend any of my readers but I vow to speak the truth

A woman’s beauty will wither away regardless of all the precautions, diets, cosmetics, and surgeries they do. All efforts will be in vain because no one can stop the natural flow of growing old. We will all grow old one day but our intellect, our personality, our morals, who we are as a person will not. It is the one thing that time cannot strip from us and will only cause those traits to shine brighter as we grow more mature and experienced in life.

What will remain after we die won’t be our physical beauty, but what we’d done for others and what we left behind to teach the next generation through lessons of life. I just feel if you fall in love with a girl’s personality or a guy’s sense of humor and take them for all they are than trying to find someone who is excessively beautiful is handsome is the most precious thing.

‘I fell in love with who they are not for how they look.’ – Just a saying I use a lot in my old writings.

My point being of why I choose to talk about this is because of my mother’s nagging in recent years and also a spiritualist I’ve been visiting recently has mentioned to me that I have to place more care in my appearance. I have to learn to start using makeup and pay care to the clothes I wear. So Yes—I am jumping on the bandwagon and am overwhelmed. But I want to meet my significant other and I vow to not smother makeup all over my face and to use it cautiously. Let’s see if this works and how guys accept it at that point.

I just don’t like the idea of makeup and not to mention they are pricey. I still believe natural beauty is the right way to go but since I’ve been threatened- it cannot be helped.

I am curious at why guys choose looks over personality--- this is just ridiculous and laughable to me. This is exactly why I don’t want relationships and don’t care how I care myself in public. I do carry myself well but I don’t give much care to makeup. How insubstantial can guys be?


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