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Creative People Have It Hardest

One of my friends is going through a rough time at work and his situation made me want to write a blog post on the matter myself since I am also within that same field. I feel that out of all the professions and types of fields out there for people to choose to go into and study…the arts field has the people with the most personality and sharpest minds.
People who study arts are creative, inspirational, wacky, and sharp. They have the most open minds and hearts that I have ever met. They have the most intense amount of knowledge on the craziest things and they are deep thinkers who tend to not be very talkative because they spend most time in their heads (That’s how I am anyway)! Their morals and opinions are a different plane of others. These creative artists sound pretty amazing and nice to be around right?
Wrong! The one thing creative people can never stand is having someone who is pushy, bossy, and insults them. Creative people are human too! They use their brains as much as a…

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