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Semester is over

Yay, the semester is over for college! Time to kick back and get the hours of sleep that were lost during the semester. It's time to reflect on how one did this semester. It's time to remember the laughter, the stress, the dramas during the semester, and the friends that were made. There are people who are transferring to other universities, some that remain behind, some that decided they need a break. There is finally the moment where we can catch our breath as students before the next semester starts. 
In my opinion, when a semester ends, it is similar to losing a dear friend. We've been on this road, writing each day of our lives with a certain routine. Now that there's a chance to relax, we don't really get used to it or we feel rather uneasy. That's just my opinion anyways. 
When my finals were over on Thursday, I felt that the ball had dropped from my hands and dribbled away from my possession. Say goodbye to the school, to this life, to this routine unt…

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