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Food Waste Problems

Check out this news article:
I am very happy to hear that France is making it illegal for supermarkets to throw away edible food! When I saw this peace of news, I had to suppress the urge to leap up and yell in joy. I work in a supermarket myself in a department that handles food and I've also worked in other jobs where I have also handled food. I have aways been disgusted with how much food supermarkets and other food chains throw out each day. I had to throw out perfectly fine cooked drumsticks and salmon and even pounds of romaine because they don't want to use the outer leaves for salads. I don't care if customers complain the outer leaves are rough or the texture is horrible. I use every single leaf when I cook at home.
Why? Because you don't know how just a single leaf of lettuce could make a child in a third world country smile in joy and wolf down hungrily. It could mean l…

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