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Fiction and Reality Are Interconnected

Do you ever wonder at the fact that fiction is fiction but sometimes fiction can be so frighteningly real?
I have recently started reading some Chinese novels in my free time, and I’ve come to the realization once again at how frightening real sometimes fiction can be. Yes, fiction novels may have situations in it that seem so real that it’s frightening because that comes from the author’s personal life. I won’t deny that fact. However, there have been people who’ve said fiction won’t ever come to life because such events and characters exist only in one’s imagination and fantasies. You’ll never meet a man like Harry Potter, Archie Sheridan, Augustus Waters, Edward Rochester, Mr. Darcy, Sherlock Holmes, etc. The list just goes on and on for guys and girls alike! And then there are events such as love at first sight, selfless love, sacrificial love, meeting the perfect guy in high school and marrying them, being able to forgive the person who killed someone you loved or ruined your l…

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