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Response to: Chicago Tribune Writer Goes Under Fire For Wishing for Hurricane Katrina For Chicago


When I read about what a Chicago Tribune writer wrote of how they wished for a Hurricane Katrina for Chicago, the first reaction that hit me was: ‘what is wrong with you?’ I found the column and read it and felt that I understood what she was trying to convey. Her intentions throughout the piece expressed desire and hope for reform and a new beginning for Chicago. However, the way they went about expressing it aroused a lot of shock and offended many Katrina victims.
I think the piece was enormously focused on hoping for reform not only for Chicago despite it being focused on Chicago but addressed to the entire country. There is corruption everywhere and reform is desperately needed. I don’t blame the writer for writing such a piece because they believe that only with a fast, hard, and deadly physical disaster would opened people’s eyes and wake them up from their …

Prayers To Tianjin

The explosion in Tianjin is an image of hell on earth when I saw the news report on TV this morning. Fires are still burning and death rates and injuries are still rising from what I read from a newspaper a few days before. It's a devastating event and heartbreaking to see though it's thousands of miles away. My mom has always been concerned about her home country and this news only devastated her. 
I remember I was in seventh grade when 9/11 happened while I was in class. The images on the television screen and the reports made me feel like my soul was sucked out of my body. My immediate thought back then was immediately on the children of those victims and families. Losing loved ones is never easy and especially due to disasters caused by others or natural causes. I remembered everyone in the school was so shocked and saddened by the news. Our principal asked all the students to write letters that would be sent to the families of those that lost their lives that day. They wer…

Thoughts on Game of Thrones Book Series

I recently attempted to read the monster-sized series, Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. I am a huge fan of the series on HBO and could not longer resist the urge to give the books another attempt.
Martin’s writing style and prose flow is amazing and the way he chose to dedicate separate chapters for the major characters is amazing. Its clean and organized and gives me a taste of each character’s inner thoughts, inner worlds, and portrays who they really are rather than basing it on dialogue and scenes. It flows but at the same time I feel that there is a little lack of exposition and way too much dialogue. You hardcore fans may want to bite my head off but that’s how I feel though I am only on the second book. I have been told too much exposition is not good and at the same time too little is also a bad thing. In my own writing, I tend to use too much exposition and I feel at times that that’s true but exposition is just necessary at times to me.
I have read many reviews on t…

How Much Education Is Enough?

How much education is enough? There is not one education system in the world that doesn’t have at least one flaw. There is also not one education in the world that does leave one in years of debt. Society demands education for everyone up to high school so everyone may be educated properly and be literate. I am not saying education is a bad thing and this is neither my main point. I digress so forgive me.
I am sure everyone hates school for one reason or another if it isn’t hate then it must be irritation or wariness they feel at some point. When young, we don’t understand why we must go to school and why we must sit here for hours listening to the teacher drone. When we grow old enough to understand why, we start to question how much education is sufficient enough for us to move through this life. I always wondered that myself. I cannot speak for anyone else but ever since I was a child I questioned how much education is enough for one person. I think about how in history, many gre…

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