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Dream and Talent

When someone tells you: ‘there is a difference between a dream and a talent. Some people have it and some don’t.’ What would you say in response? I actually have given this question some very serious thoughts when I was still in high school and decided what I wanted to become when I grew up. As young teens and adults, we question ourselves about whether it’s just an empty-shelled dream and will never come true or do we have the talent or not. This applies to most people who are aspiring artists, writers, musicians, and so on. When one decides to become a creator, to set foot into the field of liberal and fine arts…are you sure you have what it takes is what many find their subconscious minds asking themselves over and over timelessly.
We never do really find the answer. I haven’t yet. I do believe and have been told I have the talent, an eye for detail and information. However, I totally suck at writing physical descriptions for a scene in a story. That is where I fall short. It had…

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