Dream and Talent

When someone tells you: ‘there is a difference between a dream and a talent. Some people have it and some don’t.’ What would you say in response? I actually have given this question some very serious thoughts when I was still in high school and decided what I wanted to become when I grew up. As young teens and adults, we question ourselves about whether it’s just an empty-shelled dream and will never come true or do we have the talent or not. This applies to most people who are aspiring artists, writers, musicians, and so on. When one decides to become a creator, to set foot into the field of liberal and fine arts…are you sure you have what it takes is what many find their subconscious minds asking themselves over and over timelessly.

We never do really find the answer. I haven’t yet. I do believe and have been told I have the talent, an eye for detail and information. However, I totally suck at writing physical descriptions for a scene in a story. That is where I fall short. It had always been my dream to be a novelist and write endless amounts of book for readers to enjoy. I grew up surrounded by books rather than toys and journal about my days rather than talk to them with my family. That was where my passion grew from as I saw books as a way of escape for those who desperately wanted a way to escape from a reality in life they didn’t want to face. I found my peace in books and books changed me. I fantasized that I would write a book that would change everyone too and teach valuable lessons to younger generations. I am a mixture of dream and talent.

However, I do feel that dreams can become reality and talent as long as you are willing to put in a massive amount of work into what you’re passionate about and want to do. I am sure acclaimed novelists, every music band, songwriters, or performers all started with a dream and just practiced and practiced until they were acknowledged by society for the talent they had without realizing it. It all starts with that first step of having a dream. Hard work does pay off and you will see the results you want to see even if it takes years.

We then have people who are just born with the natural talent to sing, write, perform, and create. We all envy those people don’t we? Just as some people are born with a golden key in their mouth. However, don’t ever think you have any less talent and dream than they have. It takes courage to embrace a certain life, a certain dream, and determination to stick to it through better or worse.

I have doubted myself when I’d received declines from publishing agencies to print my work. However, you just have to keep getting up after that. If people have told you that you create good stuff then keep trying, there will be someone out there who will know the worth of your work. My aunt once told me that I’d starve trying to make your living off writing. Gray hairs will multiply faster than I anticipated. I have tried to change my passion, my major, and dream but it was useless. That passion just crept back right on me and made me realize I could never part with that passion.

If you’re passionate about it, my word to you is to keep that dream close and practice each day what you love and you will be acknowledged.  My friends often tell me that getting published isn’t that difficult. If a book like Fifty Shades of Gray can get published, then you can get anything published. I do feel that the publish industry has gone downwards in what type and quality of work they are accepting.

I don’t care if it’s a dream or talent.  Chase it with your life and don’t try to ignore it. Because it will creep back up on you, no matter how hard you try to go in the opposite direction. Why would you turn your back on something so amazing? You have the power to create worlds, create music, create art, and arouse different emotions in people’s hearts. Isn’t that magical?


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