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Another Year Is Coming To An End~Memories and Resolutions

Another year is coming to an end already. Where has the time gone and what have I accomplished this year? Lost time won't return and people that have gone probably won't return. I sound depressing don’t I? But this is the truth that we must all face. We go through a lot in our lifetimes and many things we tend to have no control over for instance we didn’t ask to be sick, didn’t want to lose a loved one, didn’t want that relationship to end the way it did, didn’t want certain things to be over.
However, a new year does restart that cycle of meeting new people, starting new beginnings, starting new relationships, making new memories, making amends and atoning for wrongs we’ve done. I want everyone to remember to please not repeat the same mistakes you guys made this year in the New Year. Learn from your mistakes, make wise choices, and follow the natural flow of qi (energy force) in life. Don’t force things if you see that certain things or people won’t work out with you.
I alw…

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