Another Year Is Coming To An End~Memories and Resolutions

Another year is coming to an end already. Where has the time gone and what have I accomplished this year? Lost time won't return and people that have gone probably won't return. I sound depressing don’t I? But this is the truth that we must all face. We go through a lot in our lifetimes and many things we tend to have no control over for instance we didn’t ask to be sick, didn’t want to lose a loved one, didn’t want that relationship to end the way it did, didn’t want certain things to be over.

However, a new year does restart that cycle of meeting new people, starting new beginnings, starting new relationships, making new memories, making amends and atoning for wrongs we’ve done. I want everyone to remember to please not repeat the same mistakes you guys made this year in the New Year. Learn from your mistakes, make wise choices, and follow the natural flow of qi (energy force) in life. Don’t force things if you see that certain things or people won’t work out with you.

I always take every experience and encounter with people and life as a life lesson regardless if it is good or bad. We are human and we all make poor choices sometimes as long as if you learn to forgive yourself and learn from them then I say you had a good year. If we are unable to learn from our mistakes, history will always repeat itself and you will always get hurt. Life is a rollercoaster but how it progresses consists of choices we make.

What I learned this year is that life is unpredictable. My aunt’s passing has caused me to view life in a colorless view now. She was the color of my life and my inspiration and now she has left us all but her spirit and aura remains. But how many can actually carry on her spirit and vitality? The world has lost its beauty and vitality in my eyes without her presence in my world. I haven’t recovered from her loss and I admit I have been using work to bury the pain all these months. I am afraid I will crumble.

I also learned how wonderful it is to be liked by a guy. I have long lost hope for guys falling for me or even noticing me but I am happy even if it was crazy—three guys said they liked me. I was so overwhelmed and honored, but I questioned if I was really such a nice girl for so many to like me. I am grateful for being liked. I thank each of them for their feelings and I will never forget them. Things didn’t turn out in the best way as I wished for but I will never forget the happiness and feelings I received and felt. So thank you sincerely and deeply.

I believe that endurance and tolerance is very important in life. I started a new job this year and I cannot stress enough how many valuable lessons and bonds I made. There are so people who inspired me and kept me going when I wanted to give up and just quit. They became the motor and throttles of my consistency and persistency in prioritizing my job and not giving up so thank you. I believe that we have to endure and tolerate anything in society and work places in order to get fruits from our labor. Those who fight till the end are respectable and honorable. –Raises my glass to all those diligent workers out there- 

I feel you don’t need to have someone in your possession or be in a committed relationship to love him or her sometimes just having them within range and knowing they are well is enough. We shouldn’t always wish to gain something or titles or promises from someone we claim to love. We should know when to let go, when to persist, when to give up, when to be content with what we already have. If we never learn to let go, we’ll never find the right person or thing we are seeking. If we cannot let go, then please learn to content with what you share with them and silently wish them to always be well. Seeing them happy and well is more than enough.

On my writing this year, I felt I have reached major heights. I completed a short story compilation within two months of time. I am very proud of how it turned out but now the hardest part is finding an agent or publisher that will accept my work. I won’t give up! I have already started working on my novel as well. It’s been a good year for my writing.

That’s my roundup for this year!

As for next year, I think my resolutions are:
·      To find an agent or publisher for my short story compilation.
·      To finish writing and editing my novel within six months.
·      To find a full-time job.
·      Keep up my healthy lifestyle
·      To find my significant other half or if he has already appeared to have progress with them.
·      Wishing for world peace.
·      To keep volunteering for food pantries and homeless shelters.
·      To do more for those I love.

I hope you guys all have a good New Year’s! Much wishes!


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